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Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 was better for some than expected, and about what others did expect. Overall though, I think it is ending on a positive note for our Industry.

Business has been steady for the whole year and not just 6-8 months. All reports we get back is the 2011 season should be very good from sampling to actual orders. Everyone of our customers are excited about this new season.

As most of you know who receives this newsletter, button prices have risen 6% and cotton goods are now increasing by 8%. Those of you who purchase these products from us, have or will be receiving new price lists shortly. Heartland always tries to hold prices for the entire season. We are happy to report that do to our early purchasing on many of our products inventoried here in Muscatine, Iowa, many items will not be increased. Also, according to government reports issued this morning, the inflation rate is at an 8 year low. Maybe with a little luck costs will not increase too badly this year.

Regarding sampling, it appears our new "Black Shako Chain" making its debut this season is being well received. Please, all hat makers or uniform designers receiving this email note that we have a limited supply available for immediate shipping, so order early if you have to have it quickly.

Speaking of quick supply, some of you are already receiving our weekly inventory on those items we offer as "Quick Response". We ask all of you to remember that these products are meant to be a service for you in time of need and not expected to fill bulk orders on a regular basis. Our goal is to continue to expand this offering later this year and in years to come.

NOTICE: We have been advised that some of you who do not purchase your buttons from us are receiving uniform buttons made of steel instead of brass. The reason we at Heartland Trim have our Uniform buttons made of brass instead of steel is it minimizes the possibility of rust. Steel construction has its place, particularly if you need a button that must be very strong and can withstand a greater amount of abuse. We offer both, and can review your needs in order to select the correct product for your usage.  However, we know some of you who were receiving brass constructed buttons from our factory in the past are now getting steel caps (faces) because you are not purchasing those items from us. The products affected are primarily "Tack Back" buttons and utilize only a "one piece pivot". If anyone reading this blog would like clarification or advice concerning this warning please contact Heartland Trim and ask for me.

If anyone would like a new button price list, accessory price list, samples of our new items such as "Black Shako Chain", Hat Visor Bands, Hat Ornaments, or be put on our "Quick Response Product" mailing list, just email us and we will gladly send them to you. To those that purchase products from us, thank you for allowing Heartland Trim to be part of your success! To those of you who have not tried our quality and service yet, please give us an opportunity to save you money and utilize our 36 years of knowledge in the Band Uniform business to help you become more profitable.

May this coming season be your most successful in business and in spirit!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may God Bless Us All

Bob & Nancy Howard
Heartland Trim, Inc.
Thu, December 23, 2010 | link          Comments

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