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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nothing like being late with our first blog of the year! However, it's better late than never. Business this season started early and then slowed down and by May picked up steam to never look back. Strange start but very promising.

Genuine Rhinestone Buttons sure have become an important part of our growth this season. And because of this, we have added a Front Hat Rhinestone button to compliment the Shako Rhinestones as well as the Uniform Rhinestone buttons. For those of you who have not experienced this yet, you will see many being worn next season so remember we here at Heartland Trim have a very good assortment with strong turnaround time.

Rising Costs: We all have been experiencing rising prices from metals to the volatile cotton based products and our line is not exempt. Our "Magic Collar" has been hit exceptionally hard as it has both cotton felt and Mylar components to it. We have seen increases as much as 50%. Threads to have risen sharply, with some minor increases in plastic slides and loops. For this reason, please make sure to check with us on any item you may have interest in. Many of our competitors have taken this opportunity to price gouge and substitute imports of inferior quality to control prices. One item in point is metal buttons. There is currently a well known supplier of our Industry selling imported Band buttons with serious deficiencies which probably won't show up until after the end user has worn and cleaned them. Then it will be too late and the damage will be done. SO WATCH OUT AND ASK QUESTIONS!

Inventory levels are still low for most manufacturers so Heartland Trim maintaining localized inventory for our Industry has been a big benefit for those of you trying to utilize "just in time processes". And for those that manufacture your own Shako Hats, we maintain inventory of Shako Buttons, Chain, Visor Bands and Ornaments here in Muscatine as part of our "Quick Response Program" and would be happy to add you to our weekly inventory mailing if you so desire. Some of our thread and cotton items are now being shipped direct from the factory instead of our Nashville warehouse to save time as well. And in Muscatine we have added additional environmental controlled storage for some of those special products to insure quality. If any of you have any special needs, just email or give us a call.

It seems we are all off to a very good season this year and we find that exciting. Mainly because it demonstrates the strength of our Industry. Gilt and Chrome finish have both been dominant with a slow down in Nickel and Black. As I said earlier, Genuine Rhinestone buttons have been flying out of the factory, and with a high end product better than average margins are being experienced by those using them. So don't let this trend pass you by.

Until next time, may God grant us good fortune and great health!

Hope to see you all soon,
Bob & Nancy Howard
Wed, July 6, 2011 | link          Comments

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