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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 Season coming to a close, Or is it?

Washington continues to tell us all that we are in the middle of an economic upturn, but someone forgot to tell consumers! As business wains and we are told to prepare for another increase in the unemployment numbers, all indications are that the Band Uniform Industry may have an extension to our normal season.

Many of our customers are telling us they will most likely be working past August and possibly into December. After being clobbered with a 40% - 50% decrease in sales from 2009 many of us are wondering how we will make this up. An extended season won't be enough for that, but may at least make the situation tolerable.

Will 2011 be as good as 2008? Who knows? Here again, if the economy picks up just enough to instill some sort of positive attitude, we could easily end up with a very good 2011. Many sales people have been advised by their customers that orders put on hold for this year will be released for next year. Plus, if the economy perks up it could stimulate a more normal buying pattern, which combined with hold orders could put us at 2008 levels.

We at Heartland Trim have been working with our customers to accept orders below normal minimums so they retain more capital and improve their cash flow. We are also trying to inventory more so you can inventory less, which also helps your cash flow. We always try to hold prices for the entire season which increases your bottom line. And, we continually introduce new products for your designers in order to stimulate new buying opportunities. Heartland Trim is not just a source, but your partner for success!

Just a reminder, our new Hat Ornaments, Hat Visor Bands, and Black Anodized Shako Chain is due to arrive the first week in September. If you are a regular customer you will receive samples shortly thereafter. If not, please ask and you will be put on the list to receive them.

There has been some confusion regarding other people selling C&C Metal Products button line, and what role Heartland Trim plays in all this. C&C Metal Products Corp. manufactures products for us to our specifications. Some of these products are confined to only us, such as the new Genuine Rhinestone Shako button. We played an important part in helping them develop the Band Uniform Industry button line, but it is available from other distributors as well. The big difference is our personal relationship with C&C, lower pricing, better service, superior button knowledge, and of course our dedication to you and the Band Uniform Industry as a whole. We will never be undersold nor have our commitment to you compromised!

Thanks for your business!


Bob & Nancy Howard

Wed, August 4, 2010 | link          Comments

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