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Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!
Season is in full swing and Business has settled in and running at a sub-par but even pace. In some ways the slowness of orders coming in makes them more manageable. However, there is no way every uniform order will be shipped before the end of August.

The feeling I have gotten from many of you is new orders will continue to come in and most likely not be completed to well after normal season. This may be helpful by extending our work time-line thus limiting our off season as well as salvaging what could have been a very poor year.

Prices: There has been one price increase since January 1st and that is "Thermal Stick". We also need to clarify prices for hat shako buttons that are located and unlocated. Please make sure to check on these items before placing your next order.

Product Updates: We are still 4 - 5 weeks away from a stock position on "Hat Ornaments", as a reminder, we will be stocking the following in Muscatine, Iowa: Music Lyre, Burst, Peace Eagle, War Eagle, and our new Plain Triangle in both Nickel and Gilt. Plastic "Hat Bands" in Plain, Dome, and Triangle motifs Nickel and Gilt, and our new "Black Shako Chain" which is really sharp and will compliment our Black Shako buttons. Also, due to color standard approval "Shoulder Cords" will not be available until 2011 season.

New Item: We now have a Genuine Rhinestone Hat Shako button available to highlight our Genuine Rhinestone Rivoli uniform buttons. This hat button is gorgeous and really compliments the Rivoli, "a match made in heaven". Your customers asking for the Rivoli will have to have this item. Delivery is made to order and runs the normal 4 weeks turnaround time. All our hat manufacturers will be getting a sample of this new button on a new "Shako Button" sample card shipping out next week. This style is our 5634T-45 line Crystal Jewel.

Plant Shutdown: In the past our button factory National Die would shutdown for vacations the first two weeks of July. Now that C & C Metal Products Corp. is producing the lion share of our metal Band Uniform buttons, we wanted to give notice to all our customers.

There will be no "Factory Direct" button orders   shipped from August 2nd thru August 6th

This does not effect any of our other products stocked in Muscatine, Iowa or Nashville, Tn. warehouses.

Happy 4th,

Bob & Nancy Howard
Heartland Trim, Inc.

Mon, June 28, 2010 | link          Comments

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