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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

As everyone scrambled at weeks end to enjoy their own special family weekend, they must have been happy this season appears to be turning out just fine. What started out as early interest transitioned into an up and down ordering pattern which kept us wondering where we were headed. Now it seems this season is settling into this as a routine. But now that we can see it, we can work with it and plan accordingly.

JEWEL SHAKO: We have developed a new "Genuine Rhinestone Jewel Shako" button for all our customers making Band Hats. This item has taken us two years to develop, and with the help of our new button factory, C&C Metal Products Corp., it has become a reality. As some of you know, our Genuine Rhinestone Rivoli coat button has been a success and is very popular this season. With the addition of the Jewel Shako we feel strongly your customers will want their hats to match their coats and this item should end the season as a major player for next year. This is another Heartland exclusive as is our "Magic Collar".

MAGIC COLLAR: Speaking of our Magic Collar, some of you have started using this product as gauntlet and shoulder wing reinforcement with outstanding success. American ingenuity showing up again.

BLACK & WHITE CHAIN: As mentioned in previous articles, we will have Shako Chain available in both Black & White before seasons end. The factory is in the final stages of development and we should have it in our inventory by mid July. Due to the customer anticipation and newness of this product, it will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Anyone wanting to make sure they get this item, this season, should place an order now as supply on our first shipment will be limited!

HAT ORNAMENTS & BANDS: Update; we are still expecting delivery from our factory on these items by early July. Just as a reminder, the following styles will be in stock at our Muscatine location: War Eagle, Peace Eagle, Music Lyre, Burst, and our new exclusive Triangle, all in both Gilt & Silver to match our Shako Chain. The Bands will be available in Plain, Dome, and Triangle matching in color as well.

STOCK SHAKO BUTTONS; As we previously promised, we are stocking the following Shako buttons in Muscatine in limited quantities to help customers who forget to place orders: 5001T Flat, 5003T Dome, 5004T High Dome, 5119T Hub, 5120T Music Lyre, 5130T Star, and 5152T Bark in both Gilt, Nickel, and some Chrome.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and productive year!

Bob & Nancy Howard
Heartland Trim, Inc.

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