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Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 is Building Steam
There has been a lot happening in our Industry so I'm going to just go down a list:

Business; all indications point to 2010 being a good year in the Band Industry. According to all of the manufacturers we work with we had a better than average sampling season, and orders are coming in at a robust pace. One of you even stated you had your first order in and shipped earlier than ever before. That's good news!

Buttons; as you all know we suffered a big loss last year with National Die & Button going out of business. We did make it through because we all pitched in and helped each other survive this critical issue. During the off season, we here at Heartland Trim have helped the new owner start their learning process of button manufacturing so we don't lose this valuable source. Fortunately this change took place between seasons so as not to hurt us all more than it did. Because this learning curve appears that it will take another 6 to 12 months, we have aligned ourselves with another old established and accomplished US company to make and supply the buttons and related components to fill the button void we have all faced. Their commitment and fervor for this project and our Industry has enabled us to insure the flow of buttons to the Band Uniform Industry without missing a beat. By taking this position and applying this strategy, Heartland Trim not only has guaranteed button procurement and supply, but put in place a backup supply chain to help minimize this type of situation happening again.

We are primary suppliers of Band Uniform Buttons with regular and extra high blazer loops for ring & washer attachment, and tack back buttons used in "wash & wear" Band Uniforms.

Supply; there is always some good that comes from adversity, and the loss of National Die was no exception. We here at Heartland Trim not only helped establish a stronger button supply chain, but also one that is more diversified in its offering. Plus, we have taken a stronger position on inventory to enable you, our customers, to continue getting supplies if availability becomes difficult from those factories. The following products are available from our Muscatine, Iowa warehouse: Some metal Uniform buttons, button attaching rings & washers, plastic buttons, Shako ornaments, chain, buttons, visor bands, and lanyard hooks. Plastic slides and loops. The following products are available from our Nashville, Tn. warehouse: Embroidery backing, squares, pocket patches, thread, fusing, interlining, and web tape. Nashville also has the ability to cut to your spec. including slotted tapes. Some products are drop shipped direct from the factory to save time.

Prices; we have been able to hold most pricing for the 2010 season with the following exceptions: Embroidery backings, interlining, and fusing have all went up 8%. Buttons have had some increases of 5% or less, and in some instances due to our new supplier decreased, such as chrome finished buttons. All hat shako chains both bulk and pre-cut increased approximately 8%, however, we are holding that increase until the 2011 season.

Fashion Trends; based on feedback we are receiving, look for several new looks and or components. You may see Shako Hats with more fabric and button ornament usage. Also watch for black or white hat accessories. One thing for sure, all manufacturers are working hard to create their own look and appeal. This makes it very difficult for us suppliers, but is very exciting and helps keep our Industry fresh and alive. We at Heartland are already working on several new accessory options for 2011!

One last note, we will be updating this website to incorporate our new button factories product line during the year. We will also be coming out with new button sample pages so we can update your Heartland Trim catalog. For a more current price list incorporating our new button style numbers, just email and ask, we will send it to you.

Until next time, here's wishing us all a very successful 2010!


Bob Howard
Heartland Trim

Sat, March 20, 2010 | link          Comments

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