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Challenge Coins

Band Uniform Industry starting NEW Tradition


Like so many other aspects of military tradition, the origins of the challenge coin are a matter of much debate with little supporting evidence. While many organizations and services claim to have been the originators of the challenge coin, the most commonly held view is that the tradition began in the United States Army Air Service (a forerunner of the current United States Air Force).

This tradition spread to other military units in all branches of service and even to non military organizations. Today, challenge coins are given to members upon joining an organization, as an award to improve morale, and sold to commemorate special occasions or as fundraisers.


The tradition of a challenge is the most common way to ensure that members are carrying their unit's coin. Unfortunately, the rules of a challenge are not always formalized for a unit, and may vary between organizations. The challenge only applies to those members that have been given a coin formally by their unit. This may lead to some controversy when challenges are initiated between members of different organizations and is not recommended. The tradition of the coin challenge is meant to be a source of morale in a unit, and forcing the challenge can cause a reverse effect.

Challenge Coins outside the Military 

The popularity of challenge coins are stretching past the military. NASCAR, the NFL and World Series of Poker all have their own challenge coins. They are also becoming extremely popular with Police Departments, Fire Departments and Fraternal organizations. In 2007, the Utah Symphony and Opera gave challenge coins to all of its staff and musicians, making it the first symphony organization in America to embrace the challenge coin tradition. Coins do not have to be given to someone to be called a Challenge Coin, as many non-governmental organizations sell challenge coins to fundraise or promote their products or services.

Stanbury Uniform takes up the Challenge 

Commencing in late 2009, Stanbury Uniform will be offering Challenge Coins as part of their "Band Uniform" experience. Their "Challenge Coin" program promises to be an exciting part of Band as well as encouraging a more active roll by members and their community. Coins can be used to trade like collectibles, or used similar to the military, as a challenge. If a musician doesn’t have their coin on them, the musician that does, challenges them to play their instrument? Or, a Band or Drum & Bugle Corp. can create their own. And Challenge Coins are a great way for schools or groups to raise money in support of their band!

According to ownership, Stanbury is proud to establish its leadership in the introduction of "Challenge Coins" to the Band Uniform Industry!

And Heartland Trim, Inc. is likewise proud to play such an important role as supplying this new product to our customers.

Coin Front

Coin Back

Coin Front

Coin Back

Coin Front

Coin Back

Challenge Coins come in sizes 1-1/2", 1-5/8", 1-3/4", 1-7/8", and 2". There are many different finishes available along with specialized looks such as Epoxy Dome, 3-D Effect, Diamond Cut Edge, Coin Edge and many more.

Remember, there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES with Heartland Trim.

Let Heartland Trim be your source for all your Challenge Coin needs!

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