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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Products Progress Report
Shako Revolution: This is the first week of shipping National Dies new "one piece" prong back Shako buttons. This revolutionary back will help National control costs for this Shako Hat accessory and go a long way in stabilizing its associated costs.

This new back is stamped out of one solid piece of metal stock, thus eliminating the need for fillers and spot welding of the prongs. This design stabilizes and strengthens not only the back, but the entire button. It is sure to become an Industry standard, and will save you money!

1569X Hand Polished Roman Floral Shako
samples will be available soon, so if anyone needs a sample please let us know and we will put you on a list as they will go fast. This item may be seen by going to our "Shop Online" navigator bar and then searching in "Band Buttons".

1101 Rivoli: Genuine Rhinestone buttons have been sizzling as of late and appear to be gaining in popularity again. It is a little surprising considering its price point in relationship to our Countries current economic condition. I guess it just proves if you have a quality product combined with customer demand, price is irrelevant. For those of you who have not ordered this item before, please allow for extended delivery schedules as the crystal rhinestones come in from Europe and assembled with National components here in the USA.

Heartland Trims "Magic Collar" in the two sided version HLTFMF 413-62 is a big hit and will soon become an Industry staple! As stated in previous blogs, this product is a marriage between felt and Mylar. It comes in 100 yard rolls of 57" width and makes a perfect or "Magic Collar" for the Band Uniform coat. The rolls are simply laser or die cut to size and pattern. The two sided version gives you felt/Mylar/felt finished collar for fabric insertion. Quick and easy, plus eliminates at least three times the normal labor costs. The single sided HLTFM 413-62 is just one layer of felt and Mylar. This version costs less of course and allows for even more savings. We are now in the position to offer a reduced minimum order of just 500 yards so everyone can enjoy in the cost savings. Don't let the competition get one up on you, order a sample today for testing to see what you're missing.

Thanks and until next time,

Bob Howard
Heartland Trim
Wed, July 29, 2009 | link          Comments

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Logistic Advantage
In today’s economy, the cost of doing business in relationship to location of suppliers makes a big difference in our bottom line. That's why Heartland Trim continues to increase the number of products inventoried and usage of Midwest factories.

The majority of Band Uniform manufacturers and affiliated business's are located in Middle America. Yet, many of their suppliers are on the East Coast adding tremendous and unnecessary freight expense to their component cost.

For those of you who have switched any of your purchasing from East or West Coast suppliers to Heartland Trim, take a few minutes to review your shipping costs. You will be amazed at the amount of freight savings you are enjoying along with our low competitive pricing.

The other positive element of using Heartlands inventory and Midwest warehousing program is maximizing your assets through
"cash flow" management. Our customers benefit with "just in time" shipping as well, with those items shipping from Muscatine, Ia. and Nashville, Tn. We also offer "make & hold" orders for confined products which allows customer creativeness without cash investment, only cash commitment.

Heartland Trim, Inc. offers our customers diversified options created to partner for success:

  New products and applications specifically designed for the Band Uniform Industry.

  Through product research worldwide and 36 years of personal experience,  
established a network of factories offering optimum price and quality for effective
"customer cost control".

  Targeted inventory; as most suppliers are minimizing or eliminating inventories altogether, we are gradually increasing items to better service and confirm our commitment to you our customer. Heartlands
"inventory control", gives our customers "cash control", including "just in time" ordering and reduced shipping costs.

Heartland Trim ships from the following locations;

Muscatine, Iowa: Shako Chain, Poly Webbing, Slides & Loops, Lanyard Hooks, Hook & Loop, some buttons, and made to order Embroidered Emblems.

Nashville, Tenn:  Embroidery backing & supplies, Thread, Interlining, Fusing, "Thermal Stick", Sticky Tape "SP-20", and made to order Slotted Tapes.

Chicago, ILL: Mylar and Felt related products including Heartland Trims new exclusive "Magic Collar".

Carlstadt, NJ: Metal Uniform buttons, Genuine Rhinestone buttons including Heartlands exclusive "1001 Rivoli", Nail-heads, Button Rings and Washers.

Next season you will be able to purchase Hat Ornaments, Hat Visor Bands, and Shoulder Cords at substantial savings and all shipped right from our inventory in Muscatine, Iowa.

As we approach the second half of our season, factories are all gearing up to put the final push in completion of another good year even though it started a little slow and is still pretty bumpy. We all need to continue are working together to insure our mutual success and the strengthening of our Industry.

I know I repeat myself constantly, but you can never say "Thank You" too often. Nancy and I thank you all for you continued support, understanding, cooperation, and loyalty.

Until next time,

Bob Howard
Heartland Trim

Wed, July 8, 2009 | link          Comments

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