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Friday, May 29, 2009

Guest Post
I received the below email from a dear friend and former DeMoulin Uniform employee. He asked that I allow him to submit a "Guest Post" and I said sure. I'll bet most of you know this guy, he's a good person to call your friend. I know that during his tenure at DeMoulin he helped purchasing agents from other companies including their competition when they were caught short of manufacturing components. As I have previously stated, in this industry, many of us have been friends for a long time.

Guest Post:
I just visited the Heartland Trim site for the first time, although I have done business with Bob at Heartland for 27 years.  I had always placed orders via phone, fax, or maybe once a month or so, across the desk from him. I must say, this website is one of the finest I've seen.  I just retired at the end of January,  spending 27 years in the purchasing dept. at Demoulin Bros. uniform company,  the last 22 years as purchasing manager.  Bob was already an established vendor when I arrived in 1982.
As I said, I am retired from Demoulin, so I am speaking on my own behalf and not for Demoulin Bros.   I can recommend Heartland Trim to any and all as a quality, concerned, knowledgable source for your needs. Give Bob a call, he's a down to earth guy, never gave me an answer that wasn't honest.
Stan Eyman
Greenville, IL

Now I know this looks like a commercial for our Company, but there was no way on Gods green earth I could refuse this gentleman. As I said, he is a dear friend as are most of our customers.

On this topic, I invite all of you to submit articles for guest posts. This can be a quality venue for the exchange of ideas and support where we all can share ways to make our Industry better and stronger.

Our next regular post will be June 1st, but if something comes up I'll try to make time for a special.

Thanks to all,
Bob Howard
Heartland Trim
Fri, May 29, 2009 | link          Comments

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's Hot for 09'
Chrome and more Chrome. Our customers are using more Chrome in uniform decoration than in previous years. In fact, basic Nickel finish is ahead of Gilt as well. According to three leading uniform manufacturers, Nickel is being used more in all applications, by almost 2 to 1.

Uniform buttons are also being used for more than just coat closures this season. It seems there is renewed interest in using matching buttons for hat front decoration and coordination.

Want to see something special! Go to our "on line shopping" navigator bar, then click on "Band Buttons", and look for our 1569X Shako button. This is an old product brought back by customer demand. This Shako button is our usual all brass construction with stainless steel split prong for rust proof lasting durability. But with its unique look and "HPG" Hand Polished Gold finish, is already making peoples heads turn. This item costs more than regular Shakos, but is definitely worth it. It is available in both Gold or Silver "HP" hand polished finish.

Rivoli Rhinestone buttons are still being used this season, but with such a slow start it is still to be seen if this item makes a big splash or not. This product was developed by us to give those companies who had calls for Genuine Rhinestone Rivoli Band buttons an option to what they were currently using, plastic and die cast metal bases which were very susceptible to breakage and rhinestone loss.

Our #1101 incorporates a solid brass base with silver soldered brass blazer loop and solid brass face ring pressed over a genuine European Crystal Rhinestone. This configuration allows the rhinestone to be encased for lasting durability, while the blazer loop back attaches with the conventional ring and washer application. Available only here at Heartland Trim.

Product Update: In our first publication, we mentioned our revolutionary "Collar Support" product. Here listed is current item identification for those of you who have interest: HLTFM 413-62, this is a one piece felt/Mylar material for usage when making stiff uniform collars. It is available in 60" width on 50 yard rolls, 1,000 yard minimum will apply. HLTFMF 413-62, which is a one piece felt/Mylar/felt material with same width and minimums. This product was developed to reduce the amount of time and labor required by conventional methods to adhere two or three materials together prior to laser or die cutting. It also allows users to limit the number of products inventoried, suppliers used, and several shipments from different parts of the country. This product will reduce significantly the amount of time and cost involved with this facet of uniform manufacturing, plus upgrade the quality of the finished product. Available exclusively here at Heartland Trim, Inc. Call for a free sample.

Until our next post, may God bless you all!

Bob Howard
Heartland Trim
Tue, May 26, 2009 | link          Comments

Friday, May 22, 2009

Band Uniform Sales Slow Start 2009
We want to welcome all our customers and visitors to our new blog being posted here at our website. We hope this news post will allow us to pass along important and current happenings to all those interested in Band, Drum & Bugle Corp., and related activities. We will do our best to keep posts current, accurate, and relative to our market. Our premise is the well informed will make better decisions for themselves, their customers, and the Industry in general.

Due to poor economic conditions the Band Uniform Industry is experiencing a very slow start but is now beginning to pick up steam. According to leading manufacturers this years sales are expected to be similar to 2007 levels.

Sales for Hat Shako buttons have been brisk causing some backlog of orders and minor delays of early school uniform shipments. National Die & Button Moulding Company, the leading supplier of this product has indicated they will be caught up with demand by mid June. They are in the process of developing a revolutionary change in the buttons basic configuration plus increasing manufacturing capabilities at the same time. National Die markets their products through us here at Heartland Trim, Inc. and have been supplying Heartlands customers since 1978. We suggest you get your orders in early.

We will be adding a few new products this year and will keep you all posted as they become available. Some of them will be components for the basic Shako Hat, where we hope to offer ornaments, front straps, and chain all matching in color shade. As many of you know, consistent shades of Gold are currently impossible to find in the market place. Shoulder & Citation cords should be available before seasons end.

We also have a new product out for basic collar construction. This item is available in either 2 layer or 3 layer. The 2 layer is a felt and Mylar one piece. The 3 layer is felt/Mylar/felt one piece. Both items are made to order with minimums and choice of width. Prices are available on request, and will soon be listed on our website. This is another item developed by us with the help of our customers to better serve our Industry in both quality and bottom line.

At this juncture, our goal will be one posting each week, but we haven't picked a specific day yet. You will need to tune in and check us out!

Until next time, thank you all for your business and loyalty.

Bob Howard
Heartland Trim
Fri, May 22, 2009 | link          Comments

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